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Video Projects
Piece of Peace (2010)



The media shows us perfect beauty every time we turn on our television or open a magazine. We are constantly bombarded with images of pop-culture figures—singers, actors, athletes and other celebrities—being made-up and air-brushed to the nth degree, lest there be a hint of imperfection. Is our fixation on our appearance a good thing, or have we gone too far? Have we become SLAVES TO VANITY, obsessed with our own beauty, locked in front of our mirror? 
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a to z life

Michael St. Amand and Kat Epple

a to z life is an animated digital movie comprised of word play with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each of the 26 letters has a stanza of 6 to eight words, which are animated and set to music. The stanzas are based on the human condition, which lures the viewer into a journey of enlightenment and perplexity.
Written Animated and Produced By Michael St. Amand | Original Music Composed and Performed By Kat Epple


P- Plagiarisms

30 second short of a series on the alphabet

YEP (1997)

60 second short






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