Surprises await Art Happening at hair salon in Naples

Peace and Flambe' 2007. Michael St Amand, Kat Epple and Lawrence Voytek at Salon Zenergy

Artist Michael St. Amand laughs and dodges questions about the fire.

There will be flames, he insists. But what kind, exactly, he won't say.

It's all part of the surprise.

"Anything can happen," St. Amand says. "Who knows?"

But with an art event called "Peace and Flambé," it's a good bet a blaze will appear. Maybe that means fondue food. Maybe fire dancers.

Maybe someone should alert the fire department.

Either way, St. Amand says this art exhibit — scratch that: art happening — will be something to see.

Flutist Kat Epple and sculptor Lawrence Voytek join St. Amand at the new Salon Zenergy on Sunday. It's the first show at the Naples hair salon, which doubles as an art gallery.

The 1,700-square-foot room was designed to be converted quickly, owner Nancy Iannitelli says. The wall mirrors are attached with magnets, and the styling stations roll on wheels.

Iannitelli says Sunday's event is the first of many. She hopes to eventually have art shows every month.

Epple and St. Amand call "Peace and Flambé" a throwback to the art happenings of the '60's, when people got together for music, art, food and good vibes.

"It's not like a typical thing where you're sipping wine and looking at art," Epple says. "It's less formal."

Well-known artists St. Amand and Voytek debut several new works there, and the Grammy-winning Epple performs some new flute compositions — including a few that use electronic effects.

Voytek also plans to join in with his theremin, a purely melodic electronic instrument.

The trio have been friends for years, so it made sense to do something together, Epple says.

They're pushing the event as a "transitory celebration of art, peace and volatility." At least, that's what the press release says.

But even Epple admits it's all a bit vague.

"I'm not really sure what to expect," she says.

That's kind of the point, St. Amand says. They'll all get together, and whatever happens, happens.

"That's the fun," he says. "That's part of the surprise.

"It's going to be really interesting."

The brains behind "Peace and Flambe,"
Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple and Michael St. Amand.

photo: Michelle Tricca

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