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Michael St Amand - Container Series 2006 - 2011
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Bang Bang POP | Michael St Amand Peace and Purity | Michael St Amand Totem_Somewhere Between Enlightenment and Mortality

Bang Bang POP

Peace and Purity
Buddha In A Box
Totem: Somewhere Between
Enlightenment and Mortality
birth_comes_to_us_all buddha_in_a_box buddha_in_a_box_blue
Birth Comes To Us All Buddh In A Box. Buddha In A Box Blue
buddha_in_a_box_eco buddha_in_a_box_fire cinn.amon_heaven
Buddha In A Box Eco Buddha In A Box Fire Cinnamon Heaven
french_crop having_a_coke_with_you heaven_close
French Crop Having A Coke With You Heaven Closed
heaven_open mucho_gusto_manifesto your_own_personal_jesus
Heaven Opened Mucho Gusto Manifesto Your Own Personal Jesus

Visual ARTBEAT Magazine Article " New Collections" on the Container Series 2012
By: Maureen Watson / Watson Macrae Gallery

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