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Michael St. Amand Container Series 2012
Tumultuous_times_silver_linings_michaelstamand_2012 buy_this_it_may_save_your_life_michaelstamand_2012 cash_cow_michaelstamand_2012
Tumultuous Times and Silver Linings Buy This - "It May Save Your Life" Cash Cow - EPS-DPS
meditations_in_an_emergency_revisited_michaelstamand_2012 mysticism_in_madness_michaelstamand_2012 noone_talks_about_the_elephant_in_the_room_michaelstamand_2012
Meditations in Emergency Revisited Enlightenment in Amidst the Madness No One Talks About the Elephant in the Room
reserva_real_1_michaelstamand reserva_real_2_michaelstamand reserva_real_3_michaelstamand
Reserva Real Reserva Real Reserva Real

Visual ARTBEAT Magazine Article " New Collections" on the Container Series 2012
By: Maureen Watson / Watson Macrae Gallery


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Triumph of Spectacle - Tomorrow The World


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